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Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville are subject to a pending complaint in federal court filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Traffic Monsoon and Scoville are alleged to have operated a fraudulent scheme that raised over $200 million from over 160,000 members/investors worldwide.  A receiver has been appointed in the federal action. Traffic Monsoon Members/Investors’… Read more »

Our law firm has received a flood of inquiries from Traffic Monsoon investors (“members”). Given the enormous number of affected investors – over 160,000 – it is physically impossible for us to respond to individual inquiries telephonically.  But, we’re working at this matter to determine what the legal options to pursue redress for the members… Read more »

Traffic Monsoon, LLC and Charles David Scoville Facing SEC Civil Injunctive Regarding Violations of Securities Laws; Traffic Monsoon, LLC Also Facing Disgorgement, Prejudgment Interest and Civil Penalties Traffic Monsoon, LLC and Charles David Scoville are allegedly facing an SEC civil injunctive with regards to violations of securities laws, according to an SEC Complaint from the… Read more »