Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville are subject to a pending complaint in federal court filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Traffic Monsoon and Scoville are alleged to have operated a fraudulent scheme that raised over $200 million from over 160,000 members/investors worldwide.  A receiver has been appointed in the federal action.

Traffic Monsoon Members/Investors’ Recovery Options Investigated By Securities Lawyers

Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane lawyers are in contact with hundreds of Traffic Monsoon members/investors from countries throughout the world concerning their investments in Traffic Monsoon.  The Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane lawyers are preparing to take action.  Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane lawyers are investigating potential actions that Traffic Monsoon members/investors can take to supplement the amounts that the receiver may be able to recover from Traffic Monsoon and Scoville.

What Traffic Monsoon Members/Investors May Do

Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane lawyers often represent investors who lose money as a result of alleged fraudulent investment schemes and are currently investigating the alleged fraudulent scheme conducted by Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville.  Our firm takes most cases of this type on a contingency fee basis and advances the case costs.  The firm only gets paid for fees and costs out of money the firm recovers for clients.

Investors who believe they lost money as a result of Traffic Monsoon’s alleged investment fraud scheme are encouraged to contact Jason Kane, James Booker or Lydia Floyd in the Cleveland office of Peiffer Wolf Carr & Kane, for a free no-obligation evaluation of their recovery options, at (585) 310-5140 or